Community Creation Tutorial
Introducing a step-by-step guide covering the community creation process on the Fuse Studio.
Make sure you are connected to the Fuse network on your Metamask wallet before creating the community. Learn how to add Fuse network to Metamask using this tutorial.
Navigate to and click on “Login” at the right hand top corner as shown below. Use your Gmail account to Sign in.
Once you “Sign in” to Studio using your Gmail account either you can use your Gmail account to create a wallet or connect you existing wallet using Metamask.
You can also view both your ETH balance and FUSE balance by clicking on “Fuse network”
Click on “Launch an economy” and in the next page you can see the following
Name your economy : You can give the desired name for the community you are going to create
Description : A brief explanation about the community you are going to create.
Select whether you want to “Create a new token” or “Use an existing token on Fuse”
In the below example I am going to create a new token.
Enter Various details for the new token you are creating for the community like
  • Total supply.
  • Whether you want to create a burnable/mintable token or Fixed supply token.
  • Currency symbol
  • Logo
  • Community cover photo
Note: A Mintable/Burnable token will allow you to create or burn tokens later on. One time issued tokens will have a limited supply that you will set.
Click on “Next” and you will see a final page to review before creating the token and community.
Clicking on “Issue” will ask for a sign from your wallet. Please confirm the transaction from your wallet which is signed in to Fuse network.
After a few seconds of confirmation of the transaction you token is minted and the community is successfully created which can be viewed in the homepage.
Click on "Go to community page" and now you can see various features on the sidebar like Users list, Plugin store, White label wallet and Settings.
Now let us setup some Plugins for the community we created.
Click on Plug-in store and select the plug-in you want to add to your community. In the below example I have chosen “Bonuses” Plugin by click “+Add” next to it. You can also learn what the specific Plug-in is designed and how it will be helpful by clicking on “Learn more”.
Once you click “+Add” it will appear under the Plugin store on left hand side.
Click on “Bonuses” under Plugin store.
Bonus plugin is used to provide different kind of bonus to the Community Members.
Join Bonus- Rewarding new users for joining the community.
Invite Bonus- Rewarding users for getting their friends and family join the community.
Backup Bonus- Rewarding users for backing up their wallet.
First we decide and fund the amount of total token allocated for the bonus which when approved will move to a funder wallet from where it will be distributed automatically according to the bonus allocated.
Enter the amount of token you want to allocate for the Bonus and click on “Send”. Approve the transaction, once the transaction is confirmed on chain tokens will be moved to Funder wallet.
Now you can enable the different kind of Bonus which will be given to community members as shown below.
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Similarly you can add different plug-ins through plug-in store. We are always in the process of adding new Plug-ins, if you have any requirement for a specific plug-in please let us know through our social media channels.
It's been a long road, but you are finally on the last step! To be able to make easy mobile transactions using your community, download the Fuse wallet app on the App Store or Google Play.
Sign up using your phone number and name to create a wallet. On the app, click the top-left option bar and click 'Switch community'. Then, press 'Scan QR to switch' and navigate your phone camera to QR code that you can find in the 'White label wallet' tab in the studio. Share this QR code with your community members so they can join too!
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