Adding Liquidity to FuseFi
We will learn on how to add liquidity to Fuseswap on FUSE/USDC pair.
  • You should be connected to Fuse RPC.
  • USDC and FUSE should be on Fuse network. To learn how to transfer them to Fuse network using Fuseswap via Bridge please go through this tutorial.
Step 1:
Navigate to The interface will look like as shown below
Use “Connect to a wallet” on the right hand top corner to connect your wallet with Fuseswap. Once you connect you should be able to see your wallet address and see that you are connected to Fuseswap via Fuse network.
Step 2:
Click on “Pool” and then on “Add liquidity”. Select FUSE as your first token and USDC as the second token from the dropdown. Enter the amount of FUSE you want to provide the liquidity for and corresponding amount of USDC that should be added will automatically show up.
You can also see your share of the liquidity pool based on the amount of FUSE you want to provide liquidity for.
Click on “Approve USDC” and confirm the transaction through your wallet.
(Note: If this is the first time you are providing liquidity on Fuseswap using the above pairs you will have to approve the spend transaction.)
Once the transaction is confirmed on-chain click on “Supply” and approve the transaction. You will receive the liquidity pool tokens on your wallet which can be checked under tokens through on your wallet address.
Navigating to “Pool” on Fuseswap will also show you list of token pairs with statistics for which you have provided liquidity and other options like add/remove liquidity for that particular token pair as shown below.
Hope this tutorial helped you to learn on how to add liquidity. If not, feel free to reach out on our social media channels.
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