Fuse Cash Security Guidelines

Useful Guidelines on Keeping Your Fuse Cash Wallet Secured ๐Ÿ”

1. Start with a Secure Foundation for Your Wallet

Make sure your device is free of any malware and never install fuse.cash onto a rooted device. To make sure you are always using an authentic version of fuse.cash wallet, you should download the app exclusively from the links provided on our website.

2. Never Share Your Recovery Phrase or Private Key with Anyone

Your recovery phrase is the gateway access into your wallet, never share it with anyone! Keep it secured and stored away from anyone to avoid unauthorised access.

3. Keep a Copy of Your Recovery Phrase Offline

Always keep a copy of your recovery phrase stored offline! Writing it down on a piece of paper is the easiest but sometimes not the most durable solution. If you want something more durable than pen & paper, we recommend you to:

  • Store it inside a Password Manager. Your recovery phrase will be stored inside an encrypted database either locally on the userโ€™s device or remotely through an online cloud service. You can try solutions like Lastpass 2.4k, 1Password 3.4k or KeePassXC 1.1k

  • Note taking Apps like Notes for iOS, Samsung Notes for Android or OneNote let you create notes protected with a password. If you donโ€™t want to use a Password manager, storing it inside a password protected (and encrypted) note also works.

  • You can also try and look into CRYPTOTAG, Keepkey + Billfodl, ColdTi, or other or other similar security product solutions for private key storage.

4. Use the in-app Backup Feature

Remember to always backup your recovery phrase through the in-app security feature.

Backup your recovery phrase in fuse.cash wallet by navigating to 'Account' -> 'Protect your wallet' -> 'Back up' .

In the event your phone is broken, stolen, lost or the app is accidentally deleted, your wallet can always be restored on a different phone using the recovery phrase. There is no reset or recovery process, so if you lose your phrase, you lose your funds!

5. Enable Passcode or Touch/Face ID

To make sure only you have access to your Fuse Cash mobile app, make sure to add another layer of authentication such as Passcode or Touch/Face ID to access your funds on your Fuse Cash wallet. This prevents any bad actors accessing your wallet in case you lose your mobile device or leave it unsafe .

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