Trust wallet tutorial

This tutorial will explain how to add, send and receive FUSE on your Trust wallet.

This guide has been prepared using Trust wallet version 1.15.5 on Android.

Step 1: Open Trust wallet on your phone and you should see the interface as shown below.

Step 2: Press the top corner button on the right hand side which will take you to the interface as shown in the below image. Scroll down to see “Add Custom token”.

Step 3: Make sure the network is selected as “Ethereum” and enter the FUSE contract details as mentioned below.


Contract address - 0x970b9bb2c0444f5e81e9d0efb84c8ccdcdcaf84d

Name - FUSE token

Symbol - FUSE

Decimals - 18

Step 4: You have added FUSE successfully on your Trust wallet and now you should see FUSE on your main page as shown below.

Now let’s learn how to Send/Receive FUSE on Trust wallet.

To receive FUSE: Once completing Steps 1-4, Press on FUSE token in the main page of your wallet and you should see the Send/Receive button as shown below. Now click on “Receive” and your FUSE token address (Public key) will appear to which you can send FUSE. Once the transaction is confirmed on-chain the FUSE balance will be shown.

To send FUSE: Press “FUSE token” on the main page of your wallet and you will see “Send/Receive” button as shown below. Now click “Send” which will take you to the next page where you need to enter the “Recipient Address” to which you want to send FUSE to and the “Amount” then click “Continue”. You can adjust the gas fees according to the Ethereum network gas prices and confirm the transaction.

We hope this tutorial helped you to use MEW and send/receive FUSE tokens. Until next time friends!

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