imToken Wallet Tutorial

Below tutorial will help you understand how to add Fuse network RPC on imToken through and transfer/receive tokens on fuse network in imToken wallet. Note: The tutorial is made with imToken app version 2.8.4 on Android phone. Step 1: Use the below link to access imToken wallet on Playstore. You can also download the APK file from the imToken website

Step 2: Once the app is installed, Open the imToken wallet app on your phone and choose whether to create a new wallet or import existing wallet. To learn how to import the private key follow the tutorial here. Step 3: Click on “Browser” and search for “Chainlist” and click on the “Chainlist” Dapp as shown below.

Step 4: Once the Chainlist Dapp is open click on “Connect wallet” at right hand top corner and once the wallet is connected search of “Fuse” on the list of EVM networks. Click on “Add to imToken” next to Fuse Mainnet and “Approve” the details of Fuse RPC on the next step as shown below.

To learn how to transfer/receive tokens on imToken wallet follow the tutorial here.

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