Exporting TW seed phrase into a Metamask wallet

Have you bridged funds to Fuse network using your Trust wallet? Currently, Trust wallet doesn't support Fuse network rpc but worry not as you can access your TW balance on Fuse network via Metamask:

Follow these steps to access your funds that were bridged to Fuse network using Trust wallet:

  1. 1.
    Download & install Metamask wallet to a compatible browser, iOS, or an Android device:
Download a Metamask wallet
2. Once downloaded, click on get started, and choose import wallet:
Click 'Import Wallet'
In case you already have an existing Metamask wallet, make sure you have backed it up and saved the seed phrase from it, before clicking import wallet.
3. Locate your Trust wallet seed phrase by following the images below:
(1) Click on the 'Settings' tab
(2) Click on your active wallet's 'info' tab
(3) Click 'Show Recovery Phrase'
(4) Make sure to read about and accept the risks
4. Once you locate and copy the TW seed phrase, copy/write it down and paste it into your Metamask wallet:
Press Import Account and paste your TW seed phrase in the field
5. Add Fuse network rpc to your Metamask wallet to access the bridged funds by following this guide
6. Switch to Fuse network on your Metamask wallet. In case you bridged tokens other than $FUSE, import the token contract address on Fuse eg. $BNB by searching BNB on explorer.fuse.io
Type in BNB in the search bar and click the BNB to view the contract address of BNB token on Fuse network.
Choose the contract address with the most amount of holders to ensure it's the correct token address.
7. Done! You have now accessed your bridged Trust wallet funds via your Metamask wallet on Fuse network!